God’s story about you is intense and has a happy ending.

This is a blog about the story of the lives of women.  The purpose of this blog is to set women free to be all that God created each one to be by exposing lies and half-truths that hold women in bondage.  By freedom, I mean the freedom to live in the fullness of the pages of the book that God Himself authored about you.  Did you know that?   Neither did I.

For the majority of my life, I had no clue that God penned a beautiful story about me before I was born and that it is more romantic, adventurous, exciting, rewarding, mysterious, loving, fun and challenging than Cinderella.  And in this blog, I’ll share some great insight into this beautiful story and many others, that will help you see that you are just like Cinderella and your Prince Charming will come.  It’s a promise from God.  But, in each of our stories, there are also ugly stepsisters who are determined to rob us of our royal inheritance.  Let’s uncover and expose the lies that may be keeping women in the ashes, hidden from her royal destiny.

God sees all women just the way that Prince Charming saw Cinderella.  If you’ll think a moment about any love story and consider the hero who pursues the one he loves, you can draw some conclusions about God.  Another favorite of mine is Gone with the Wind.  But the end of that story is sad.  The villain destroyed the relationship and we were left disappointed and empty.  Many women are living like Scarlett O’Hara; in those last words that Rhett uttered to her, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”.  Well, thank God our story does not have to end like Scarlett’s and we can learn some important lessons from her story.  In fact, I will discuss several love stories in this blog because we can find characteristics of God in each one.   The only reason that I say that is because all stories are derived from the first, highest and original Heavenly Love Story.  We are the crown of God’s creation and He created us to be something very special.  He will never forsake us or leave us!  That’s why I want to discuss God’s story that He wrote about you.

I welcome you, beloved women, to express yourselves here, to ask questions about the identity of a woman and to share things that God has shown you.  Maybe you don’t yet know the living God or you think that He has not shown you anything yet, so this is also a good place to ask questions about Him and to discover Him in a deep, intimate way.

Just to let you know, I will not tolerate any slander of God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit.  I will accept questions about God, but I am on guard for the ugly stepsisters who want to keep the Cinderellas from attending the ball.  There are also the false hopes like Scarlett had in her “love” for Ashley that kept her from true love.  Although we should all be respectful of each other, it is only to the extent that God is revered, honored and respected first, above human opinion.  He is our Creator.  Jesus is our Beloved and the Holy Spirit is our Protector and Teacher.  Heaven adores us and has a specific, beautiful plan for each of our lives.  Remember that the purpose of this blog is to discover how to live in the story that God wrote about each of us.

Truthfully, if any woman really knows God and His intense love for her, she would never reject Him, like Scarlett rejected Rhett and his love for her.  But I know that, like Scarlett, many women have a counterfeit “love” that is keeping her heart blinded to her real love.  I want to change the ending of the story for all the Scarlett’s of the world.  The only reason any woman would reject such a Lover is because she is being blinded by another, false love.  We will discuss this topic at great length in this blog.  So, be blessed women!  Discover who you really are and enjoy life in the palace of the King as His beloved Queen.  What is your favorite love story?

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