How close are we to seeing our King?

There is much debate about the timing of our King’s return, but that’s not important.  In this section, I’ll share many insights about the return of Jesus.  Beyond a shadow of a doubt, we have a hope and can look expectantly for our Beloved Lord to snatch us up to be with Him for all eternity.  What a glorious eternity we have as the Bride of Christ.

I have the most beautiful  love story to share on this blog.  The Royal Wedding will be more beautiful than any wedding that anyone on this earth has ever had.  And the most incredible part is that you and I are the Bride.  We are in the preparation time right now.  Are you preparing your wedding invitations?

I want to share how every detail of a traditional Jewish wedding contain the hidden prophecies of the Royal Wedding of the Jesus, the Groom and His Bride, the Church.

Try to imagine your first dance with your new Husband

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  1. I never danced with my husband. I never throught of that before. I love to dance.I danced a lot when Iwas young. That all stopped when I got married. The only danceing my husband did was in the ring. He was a boxer. Felling sorry for myself? NO. I had GOD the whole time.

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