Is the faith of a Christian blind?

The world tells us that we are foolish because we live by something we cannot see with our physical sight.  But the world has no clue about faith and blindness.  Here, I want to talk about what faith is and what it means to live by faith-sight and not by natural sight.  As believers, we must be able to defend our beliefs and stand firm without wavering.  This is an exciting topic.


  1. I have also heard that faith is blind. And it is true. I can not see God, nor can I physically touch Him. He does not speak as He did to Abraham, Isaac, and Moses. But I’m okay with that. Jesus said that those who believe without seeing will be so much more blessed. Most people are waiting around for that blessing without seeing it right in their hands. I’d much rather have to trust in God “blindly” with His Word to guide me each and everyday, than to have Him physically speak to me every fifteen or so years.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I will be addressing this issue because I have learned that our faith is not blind and that God still speaks very clearly to each one of us today. I’m so glad that God is with us always and that we can hear from Him daily. For 30 years I had no idea that God would speak to me personally. I can testify that this is not true and that He speaks to His children very intimately. Check out my next post under faith category for a link that will be helpful. Be blessed, my sister.

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