Do you worship money?

Until one week ago, I would have been offended if someone told me that I worshiped money.  As a believer for over 30 years, I would have passionately denied it.  But, after over a decade of hindrances to our finances, even though we have been faithful in tithes and offerings, we continue losing things that we toiled and labored so hard to obtain.

After suffering another setback, I cried out about our financial needs.  What hinders us?  Do we have unforgiveness in our hearts?  Are we poor stewards?  Are we doomed to continue in this cycle of debt and lack?  Where are Your promises on our finances?  Why are so many of Your people suffering as we are?  Why are the people of the world who don’t give You one thought obtaining and stealing the riches, even from Your people?

After years of preparation by God, He knew that I was ready to receive His answer in fullness.  In one hour, the Lord answered every one of these questions by leading me to a blog by Pastor Janie Baer.  I was searching for something else when I came upon this blog.  He showed me very simply that I have been worshiping the god of riches, Mammon.  And I was not offended.  Instead, I was pierced in my heart with such grief and sorrow for having my heart turned toward another lover.

I had an image in my mind of what I was doing to the Lord as being similar to a wife who has a loving, wealthy husband who adores her, but she approaches him, asking him for money to spend it on her extravagant desires, which includes a lover.  When she is finished and her funds are depleted, she returns, begging and crying, asking her husband for money to do the same thing again.  He keeps giving to her, because he honors her free choice and loves her, but his heart is broken.  He knows that she is not living in the fullness of his blessing and favor because of what is in her heart.

We are appalled at the thought of a woman who would do such a thing to her husband, or at least I am appalled.  When God showed me that this is what I have been doing to Him, I was on my knees, asking for forgiveness.  In fact, I was sickened for the church, as I believe that most of the body of Christ is committing spiritual adultery with Mammon, which means the god of riches, and like me, has no clue.

I encourage you to ask God to reveal what’s in your heart.  If you are worshiping this false god, repent, turn back to your Husband and worship Him alone.  It will set you completely free.  Besides that, do you see what’s happening all around you as a result of a world that worships money?

Here is the link to the place that I started to learn what’s been in my heart.

Be blessed by God and learn to live under His anointing, which brings all the riches and resources you’ll need for your assignment.

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