Does God still speak to individuals today?

With all the mess in this world, deep in our hearts, we desire to know some answers, to have confidence that God is really in control and that He will come through for us.

Many people don’t yet know that God still speaks to them individually.  I did not know this several years ago either.  But, since I discovered that God does speak to me personally…I have been asking Him to help me show others that they can have personal, intimate conversations with God.  God wants to be loved by His creation.  And that means having conversation, open communication, intimacy.  Do not all of these attributes require TWO beings?

While I was having a conversation with God the other day, He prompted some thoughts.  “Do people believe that the Holy Spirit inspired the writings of the Bible?”  Yes, Lord, many do, many do not.  “Do people believe that they need the guidance of the Holy Spirit in order to understand the Bible?”  Yes, Lord, some do and some do not.  “How does the Holy Spirit guide people if I am silent and not speaking to individuals today?”  Good questions.

So, I pondered them in my heart.  How, then?  Listen with your hearts, friends.  Abandon all rules and regulations and doctrines made by mankind.  God wants to talk to you.  Perhaps you are not hearing Him.  There are some reasons that your hearing is blocked.  It may be that your ears are dull of hearing.  Or it may be that something is separating you from God.  Or, it may be that no one has ever told you that God is still speaking intimately to each of us.  You have been deceived.  Of course, our enemy does not want us to have an intimacy with God.  He knows that if we do, we’ll start changing lives, families, nations, the world!

How do you learn to hear from God?  Start by asking Him that question.  And then, listen.  Not with your physical ears, but with your heart.  Deep down inside where only you and God know what’s going on…He will show you.


  1. I really like this. I hadn’t thought about the fact that other beleivers might not think God talks to them. His thoughts to me have been a part of my life since I was a teenager just entering the world of adults. Why are some afraid to hear the words of God? Do they think it might be thier own thoughts or from another source? If we are seeking God He will be there. HIs voice is quiet and gentle not loud and clammering. I liked what you said to abandon all rules, regulations and doctrines. We need to keep the Word of God in mind and know He would never be in contradiction to this, but sometimes I think we let ingrained ideas get in the way of God’s voice. Such as “God only speaks through the Bible.” Or that anything supernatural is from Satan. Many times He does speak from the Bible and many times scripture will back up the words He puts in my mind. I defientely would not beleive anything that came into my mind that was contrary to the Bible. I’m sure you agree on this. THanks again for the thought provoking post.

    1. Wendy,

      You are so right and I thank you for your thoughts on the matter. We must help the Bride of Christ see who She is and understand Her power and the intimacy that She has with her Husband. Here are a few thoughts to consider regarding this subject. I came from a background that taught that God does not speak to individuals today except through the Bible. How then were Christians empowered during the first 300 years of Christianity when there was no written word except the Torah? And bringing it forward, we might inquire of a man of God how he decided to become a preacher. He might reply that God spoke to him and “called” him. Really? So, does He only speak to men whom He wants to become preachers or does He speak to all believers? The answer, of course, is that He speaks to all believers. Besides my salvation, this is one of the most profound truths that I learned that changed my life. God speaks to us – intimately and in great detail if we are willing to listen. Lovely.

  2. I would say God speaks to us daily, but we must listen for the still small voice. He does not blare in our ears. Sometimes it’s a small nudge that I often miss if I’m not paying attention. I think as our spirits get attuned to Him more and more, it’s easier to hear Him, but it’s still much too easy to

    ingore Him also. Check out my blog at Nice to connect with a fellow beleiver. God bless you!

  3. In every generation throughout the history of the Bible God has chosen a person who “speaks on behalf”. Adam, Noah, Moses, Joshua, the prophets (one at a time came with a message from God), Jesus… but unfortunately God’s people never listened to the ones He sent (God’s messengers).
    I pray that today, we will be those who have spiritual ears and eyes so that we are able to recognize God and Jesus’ messenger, and be able to hear and accept his words. Let us not be like the people of the past who ended up killing God’s messenger, and choosing death instead of life.

    God gave us his word, we should study it to come to understand what God is trying to show, teach, and tell us. 🙂

  4. I totally agree with Healing Leaf. The internet is such a tool for us to use to speak on His behalf and to listen. I pray God will guide me in using this tool wisely.

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