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Georgia & Skip

Hello, I’m Georgia and this is my beloved husband of 40 years, Skip.

The house that Skip and I built

We raised our four children in this house according to God’s Word (the best that we understood) and built successful enterprises from scratch.   In 1994, tragedy came to our family and we began to experience great trials which lasted 17 years.

But something began to stir in me during those years and I know that it has to do with our present circumstances.  I began to cry out to God for more than the material possessions in my life.  “I want to know You!”  I uttered those words to Him over and over again.  “I know that You are real, show me more of You.”  “Why are we sick and downtrodden”?  “Why is the Church a place of hurt and pain instead of a place of healing?”.  I was confused, depressed, disillusioned and in a downward spiral.  But God always hears my cries.

My story will help other women.  My pain,  my bondage, my suffering and my release into complete freedom is meant to be shared.  I am dedicating my blog to women.  God has an absolute divine plan for women.  He holds us in such high esteem.  He adores us.  We are His beloved.  And the enemy has a plan, too.  His is distorted, twisted, and full of lies and deception about our true identity.  I’m very mad about it.  It is my mission to help women be restored to  their valuable place in God’s heart.  It is God’s desire for women to be set free from invisible prisons and that is a vital part of my assignment.

I pray that God will use the story of my life and the lessons that He has taught me to set women free and to bring His glory to the Church.

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